The Never Content

The Never Content is similar to an old French saying “jamais deux sans trois,” which translates into the belief that if an event takes place twice, it will probably happen a third time. 

The brainchild of three musicians: Joe Tag, (a New York native) & Liz Saxon, (a Chi-Town Rep) with Tristan Leral, (a Parisian expat), united forces to create an original sound palate of cinematic, electronic, & organic songs, culminating all of their eclectic musical influences.

It all started in 2007 when Joe Tag, drummer/writer/producer & founder of iconic NYC projects such as Etro Anime, stillLife, & Buddhafly, met vocalist Liz Saxon, who had just landed in New York City after a year long pilgrimage in Japan. The two merged forces in a series of successful performances and then decided to lay the foundation for a new project they would call, The Never Content.  

Joe & Liz, heavily influenced by the daring styles of Massive Attack, Portishead, & Radiohead, and the raw, unfettered songwriting of Paul Weller, Peter Gabriel, & Tom Waits, decided to call upon Engineer/Producer Tristan Leral (Etro Anime, Mary J Blige, Lizz Fields) to get onboard & help bring their vision to fruition. 

The result is a dense, emotional journey through musical valleys with electronic textures, organic streams of fluid vocals, & airy, cinematic hues sure to please music aficionados at large. 

Are you content?



It is our pleasure to announce that Joe Tag & Tristan Leral are Nominated in the Music Producer Category for "The Third Album" in The 16th Annual Independent Music Awards!


Three is a beautiful number ...


we present to you a triforce of music. 


Love, love everywhere.

Featuring, "Kings of Cool," from the debut album.

"The Third Album" is here.

An alluring collection of reimagined selections from the first two albums... 


"The Third Album" is available for purchase on iTunes and streaming everywhere.

If you're old school, hard copies (with a *special addition cover,* featured below) are also available for purchase through our website. 



Thank You, The Independent Music Awards, for an incredible event at Lincoln Center this weekend. It was such a thrill to receive a nomination. 

To all our fans: your love & support mean more to us than we can express.

And a very special THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts to all our wonderful friends old & new at L.I. Who

Wishing you all Peace, Love, & Music~~

Very proud & thrilled to be nominated for Best Album in the 15th Annual Independent Music Awards!

Thank you, IMAs!

A little bit of news before a little bit more news.

"The Third Album" is in the works. First two albums remixed. 

The Deli Magazine features emerging artists from your local music scene and we're climbing the charts!

Brand new promo videos on our YouTube Channel for "Look How Far You've Come" and "I Say Go."

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New album is here: "The Second Album."

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For your listening pleasure, also check out our self-titled debut album. 

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Press Release:

Out of the Clouds for a Blissful Landing


The Never Content are at ease, comfortable, and quite satisfied with the launch of their self-titled debut album set for release this fall. Beyond the name, there is bliss and the gift of an exceptional compilation of songs bound to engage its listener on many levels.     


At the forefront of this album stand Liz Saxon’s intimate and fluid vocals. Flowing with ease and grace over a sonic picture of electronic textures, cinematic hues, and acoustic instruments, her voice carries an essence of honesty, ardor, and vulnerability. Her performance is real and relatable in a world where incessant vocal gadgetry has become the norm.


Written and produced over a period of two years by Joe Tag, Liz Saxon, and Tristan Leral, this album is a logical sequence of stories that could easily be projected on each of our very own imaginary silver screens. From reminiscing about a meaningful past relationship in the opening title “Rest My Case,” to finding closure in the lush musical landscape of “Marbles,” to grasping the importance of self-preservation in “Rescue Me,” to “Angel Fish,” the end tale about being lazy in love, there is contrast, there is darkness, and there is light. 


Are you content?